Benza TRS6600 Generator

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The Benza TRS6600 portable three phase generators have become an essential tool for professional users because of their robust design and the high quality electric supply they provide. Its great versatility as it includes a three phase socket and a single phase socket ensures a reliable performance for construction, industrial, commercial, domestic and farming purposes.  Electric start so that the genset can be effortless started with the turn of a key and as a standard it supplies a dry battery, which does not spill acid during its transport and does not require any maintenance. 27.5 l fuel tank. Its wide fuel tank provides great operation capacity, efficiently working without frequent refuelling. Grounding bar. It prevents the operator from suffering potential electric shocks.


Generator Specifications

Rated Maximum Power 7.3 kVa
Continuous Rated Power 6.6 kWa
Rated speed 3000 rpm
Frequency 50 hz
Rated Voltage 400 Volts
Noise level 99 dB(A)



  • Alternator with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) supplied to ensure high quality, peak-free electric supply which is essential when connecting equipment with electronic boards.
  • Electric Start
  • The generator includes as a standard a differential switch as a safety measure to protect its operator.
  • The four stroke Subaru EX40 petrol engine delivering 14HP stands out for its reliability, high performance, key electric start or manual start and long service life (3-year guarantee).
  • 6.6 KVA three phase phase Soga alternator with standard insulation against dust and water splashes (IP23).
  • The engine-alternator assembly are protected by a 35 mm diameter reinforced steel frame.
  • Perfect manoeuvrability thanks to its ergonomic handle and solid rubber casters.



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