Benza BZ1500i Generator

Benza BZ1500i Generator
Benza BZ1500i Generator
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Portable inverter Benza BZ1500i genset stands out for its compact dimension and its remarkable output. It includes an alternator with inverter technology that ensures single phase current stability at maximum output of 1.5 kVA, thus eliminating any rist of damage to high technology equipment with electronic boards (TV sets, portable computers, etc.). Thanks to its efficient 1.35 HP engine and its 3.6L tank, it has an an autonomy of some 4.5 hours. Its soundproofing makes it ideal as a mobile source of energy where noise must be under control (such as a camping, a sports event or in the vecinity of a residential area).


Generator Specifications

Rated Maximum Power 1.5 kVA
Continuous Rated Power 1.2 kVA
Rated speed 3000 rpm
Frequency 50 hz
Rated Voltage 230 Volts
Noise level 94 dB(A)



  • Inverter Generator
  • The generator includes as a standard a differential switch as a safety measure to protect its operator.
  • The four stroke petrol engine delivering 2.8 HP stands out for its reliability, easy start and compact size.
  • 1.5 kVA single phase alternator with inverter technology that ensures peak-free electric supply, which is essential when connecting it to equipment that has electronic boards.
  • Completely soundproofed with its frame and robust resin housing



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